What a wonderful year it has been!

For once i had some time during the holiday time to reflect on the past year and what a wonderful year it has been.
We have had the opportunity to welcome several new people. Bolette, Daniel, Vivien, Erik, Göran, Maria and Bahader have all moved into the house. This has created a new and very exciting dynamic to our group and has been an energy boost that takes us to a new level. Not only have we grown a lot but what makes me sleep well at night is that the demand of our services also grown and that we at this moment are sold out.
House of Test has always cared much for the future of testing and how we train new testers. For the past two years we have run our own internal test training program, the incubator. Johanna, Henke and Martin graduated this spring after two years of incredibly hard work. We are very proud of what they have accomplished and they are ready to face any testing challenge with confidence. Very well done folks! Henke and Martin are off to new adventures but we decided to keep Johanna and offer her employment at HoT. So from this fall Johanna has been a full fledged Hottie and she is really growing into that suit!
We have now taken the incubator program even further. From september 2014 we are responsible of two programs training over 60 students to become testers. This is a higher education funded by the government and it is full time study that runs over 1,5 years. We are sure that this will make a great impact on what others can expect from a junior tester. It is all about raising the bar!
We have entered several new relationships where i would like to mention our partnership with ebay. From this summer we have had four consultants working at ebay in London, Berlin and now recently even Sydney Australia. We are helping ebay to ,demonstrate by doing, what impact skilled context driven testing can have to an organisation. This is a very unique opportunity that we are both proud and grateful to have been given.
During 2014 we have continued to share our experiences all over the world. Some of the conferences that we have been presenting on are Nordic Testing Days, Let´s Test Sweden, StarWest, Copenhagen Context, ThinkTest, CAST, Let´s Test Oz, Agile Testing Days, Let´s Test South Africa.
We feel that by sharing our experiences we learn, get deeper insights and get new ideas. This is a huge part of our development to be in the forefront of testing. We are extra proud of Martin, Andreas and Lars who all have taken the step to present on major conferences this year. An extra mention to Bolette who will make her debut on the stage at Copenhagen Context 2015.
Finally looking into the crystal ball we see a bright year in front of us. We look forward to welcome amazing people into our house. We are gaining ground and are very excited about new relations we will build with clients over this year. I believe there will be some interesting opportunities laying at our feets.
Also very excited about the students that will graduate at the end of 2015. Trust me when i say they are already impressive and I’m sure they will knock you off your feet.
As usual we will not back down form a debate and we will continue our quest to call bullshit when we hear it. We need to raise the bar of software testing and get rid of dehumanizing and commodity thinking around testing.
Testing is a challenging craft that requires sharp skills and that is why we take it so seriously!
Wish you all a wonderful 2015!

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